Why Multi Layer Braided Love Bracelets Is The One That You Need

Bracelets are the ideal companion for fashion conscious women. As a complement to the fashionable watch or worn alone, the bracelet is a fancy jewel that can be worn to any outfit. The bracelet has a long tradition that can be traced back to the Stone Age. This makes it one of the oldest jewelry we know, together with the necklace. Nowadays, bracelets available in numerous forms: bracelet, bangle, bangle and charm bracelet.

Traditional and modern materials

The materials of the arm chains range from traditional gold and silver to fashionable stainless steel and titanium. But they can also consist of gemstones, beads, coral, fabric, leather, rubber, synthetic resin or amber. Fine ladies bracelets of precious metal or leather are often combined, while wide men’s bracelets are worn alone. Colored accents on precious metals put gilding in yellow and rose gold tones. Another form of colored surface design is Physical vapor deposition (PVD). Depending on the style, a bracelet looks classic, modern, chic or even urban.

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From ornate arm chains to purist bangles

Bracelets made of gold, silver and stainless steel are the good effects when combined with stones is occupied. Gold jewelry is adorned with diamonds or brilliants, while silver and stainless steel jewelry are often filled with cubic zirconium. In our assortment, you will also find costume jewelry made of silver, which is combined with grenades. For women, the purist jewelry prefers smooth are bangles and bracelets the perfect accessory whether with or without closure, wide or plain, there is a wide range of different models.

Stainless steel and leather are ideal for men’s bracelets. A bracelet made of leather, studded and decorated with imprints, never goes out of fashion. Simple, multi-row bracelets are made for slim arm joints. Even the classic charm chain is making a comeback, and the choice is difficult with a large range of charms. For the little ones cute motifs such as bears, hearts or butterflies are soldered directly to the charm bracelet so that no pendant can be lost. For baptism usually an arm chain with engraving plate is selected, on which one can have a name or a date engraved.

Trendy gemstone bracelets can also be found at Jeweler stores. Mostly this bracelet is threaded on drawstring and thus offers easy handling. For elegant occasions are very popular. The white color of cultured pearls, combined with a yellow or white gold clasp shines on your wrist. Arm chains can often be closed with a carabineer or spring ring, while leather bracelets are more likely to be processed with new press studs or pin buckle.

Beautiful bracelets made of 925 sterling silver should not be missing in any jewelry collection. On the one hand, because silver bracelets provide a fine sparkle on the wrist and fit almost any outfit and on the other hand, because authentic silver jewelry is of lasting value and therefore an important purchase for life. Online stores give you a real silver bracelet at attractive low prices. Benefit from their large selection and get the best deals in the online jewelry shop.

Silver bracelets in different designs

The range of sterling silver bracelets is diverse and multifaceted. To get an overview, we now present the most important types of a bracelet in detail:

  • The bracelet is a solid ring and available in both closed and open versions. In addition to timeless-simple bangles in narrow or wide shape, there are also some unusual bracelets with decorative ornaments or sparkling gemstones.
  • The bangle is an open version of the bangle. Whether with elaborate engravings, inlaid ornaments or delicately shimmering pearls at the two ends. Bangles are characterized by filigree fineness and decorative beauty.
  • The Anchor Chain Bracelet and Multilayer Braided, Love Bracelet is a miniature edition of the classic ship anchor chain and therefore sturdy. Their limbs are tightly intermeshed, alternately arranged longitudinally and transversely. Strong in every way.
  • The charm bracelet is one of the most popular jewelry made of silver. This is a delicate bracelet with pendants, which is unique by unique jewelry pendant with a distinctive look. What makes charm bracelets, of course, unique for their owners?
  • The diamond bracelet is filled with diamonds and thus the dream of every woman. Whether richly decorated all around or as a delicate arm chain with a diamond-studded jewelry element as accent diamond bracelets radiate with their proud wearers to the bet.
  • The gemstone bracelet is decorated with real gemstones and presents itself in corresponding color splendor from agate and amethyst through opal and ruby to turquoise. The treasures of nature give every woman an irresistible aura with a natural touch.
  • The royal bracelet looks as compact as it is artistic. The links are made in a square or round style and interlock in a very special way. A true masterpiece of jewelry is that looks impressively majestic and truly deserves its name.
  • The ball bracelet is reminiscent of a classic pearl bracelet with its spherical elements. However, the individual balls are not threaded onto a string but connected by tiny webs so that nothing can click.
  • The armored bracelet is made up of very flat links that fit tightly together. Due to the flat shape, these bracelets feel very supple and promise despite the massive artistry a comfortable fit.
  • The pearl bracelet is a must in the jewelry box of all ladies whether with shell pearls or freshwater cultured pearls. Shimmering pearl bracelets give woman elegance, grace, and a magical attraction.

Gold plated silver bracelets

Whether highly polished, diamond-coated or rhodium-plated in white gold looks, you will find exclusive silver bracelets with different surface finishes, so that the right offer is available for every requirement. Even in the color range, the jewelry collection leaves nothing to be desired: If you prefer warm colors rather than a cool silver white, take a gold-plated silver bracelet in brilliant yellow gold or delicate rose gold. And if you cannot decide, you should take several bracelets made of silver. So you have the perfect bracelet for every outfit and every mood.

How to clean and care for your silver bracelets

As you know, online shops offer exclusive products of selected quality. So that you enjoy your favorite jewelry for a longer time, please have a look at online consultant. Here you will learn how to care for, cleanse and store genuine silver jewelry.

Order the matching necklace for your bracelet

No matter which silver bracelets you decide on. To round off your look perfectly, order the right ear and neck jewelry for your bracelet.

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